Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Han Solo in Carbonite Molding

I finally finished this thing.  It seems like it has taken forever - actually it has.  After my first shot at molding this turned into a disaster I had to start at the beginning again. 

The first time I molded the piece I used Brush-on 35 from Smooth-On.  This was a really bad choice for a few reasons and to make matters worse I used the wrong mold release.  The result was a mold that stuck to the piece and wouldn't come off!

After I applied several layers I made the mother mold with Smooth-0n's Plasti-Paste. When all that dried is the momonet I started pulling my hair out and screaming.  There is nothiung more frustrating and disappointing than a mold that won't open or come loose.  Well,  I made a really rookie mistake and paid for it so I cleaned up the mold the best I could and poured some resin into whatever I could salvage.  I was able to pull  a good cast of the face, hands, and body so I rebuilt the box and started over.

And once again back to molding.  This time I used Mold Max 30 which I started by brushing on a thin coat.  Once that was tacky I started layering on coats that I thickened with Thi-vex.

After the silicone was built up to about 1/4" thick I surrounded it with a box of wood.

I then filled the void with expanding foam to serve as the mother mold.

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